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We are real estate company with your own goal in mind. Every property we have ever sold, every property we have ever rented out and every property we have ever been mandated to put in the market was with one goal

Just one goal: And that goal is satisfying you. It does not matter what it is, we go the extra mile for you and we ensure that you are fulfilled and happy

If it does not make you happy, we will not sell it. That’s what we do at Jidafric Realtors. At Jidafric Realtors, we do you

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Lagos | Nigeria
2 Razak Okoya Lane, Lagos.

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It's been really awesome dealing with Jidafric realtors Limited. I love the property I bought from them and the fact that they are detailed with documentation.
by Ronke Adegbapo
Co-Founder, SellFinish Marketplace, AFRICA.
I love the simplicity, professionalism and the conduct of you guys at Jidafric Realtors and I also love the passion with which you always deliver
by Ken
Country Manager, Ligum
Whatever I do, I prefer to only invest in real estate with trusted companies. And I sincerely found Jidafric Realtors to be amazing
by Akpe
Consultant, Mediprons

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Jidafric Realtors

Lagos | Nigeria
 2 Razak Okoya Lane, Lagos

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